Area: Gitter Lab

Aaron Baker

In my research, I apply machine learning algorithms to problems in biology. Recent technology has enabled geneticists to perform high-throughput experiments in which all genes are measured in response to a stimulus. I look for patterns in these data which are consistent with prior research on biological pathways: the interactions among groups of genes which […]

Thevaa Chandereng

I am interested in developing new algorithms in analyzing biological time series data. My research uses statistical methods to identify gene-gene interactions and differentially expressed genes. Education BS, 2014, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chris Magnano

I am a graduate researcher working with Tony Gitter in the virology group. My research interests include computational methods for analyzing tumor heterogeneity, driver gene identification in cancer, and detecting bias in biological network analyses.

Shengchao Liu

Apply deep learning for drug discovery, including property discrimination and molecule generation.

Matias Figari

Working on projects pertaining to both the Gitter Lab and outreach.

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