Area: Multiscale Imaging in Medicine Lab

Emmanuel Contreras Guzman

My research interests include prototyping and creating medical devices for research and commercial application. Education MS Biomedical Engineering

Christine Walsh

I help research and implement machine learning and other statistical techniques to improve data collection and analysis. Some examples of my work include adopting a mask r-cnn approach to automate pixel-level image segmentation for increased speed and accuracy of data analysis and creating graphical representation of univariate and multivariate data to understand patterns in cancer […]

Dan Pham

I’m a BME graduate student working in Dr. Skala’s lab. My research involves Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Method (FLIM) for studying pancreatic cancer.

Anne-Sophie Mancha

I am a graduate student working in Dr. Skala’s lab focusing on pancreatic cancer.

Kelsey Tweed

I support research projects and the day-to-day operations of the Skala Lab by assisting with cell culture and animal handling, helping with imaging experiments and image analysis, as well as ensuring biosafety, animal, and human research regulations and guidelines are maintained. Education B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2018, Georgia Institute of Technology