What is the Morgridge Metabolism Interdisciplinary (MMI) Fellowship?
The Metabolism Interdisciplinary (MMI) Fellowship is a competitive fellowship opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows designed to support their work toward metabolism-related challenges in a manner that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.
What does the Morgridge Metabolism Interdisciplinary (MMI) Fellowship provide to fellows?
Morgridge Metabolism Interdisciplinary (MMI) Fellows will be provided with a competitive stipend, fringe benefits, and tuition and fees (if applicable) associated with their appointment for up to three years.
When will fellows be supported?
Fellows will be supported starting September 1st in the year in which the fellowship was awarded for up to three years.
How many fellowships will be awarded in each application cycle?
Only one fellowship will be granted per award cycle.
Are there any conditions to the award?
A progress report and a final report will be required. Fellows are also required to present a ~45-minute seminar within the Metabolism Colloquium seminar series.
What are the steps in submitting a fellowship application?
See application instructions for the materials needed to submit an application.
What is the review process for the fellowship application?
Applications will be reviewed by 3-5-member panel selected by the Director of the Morgridge Metabolism Theme. Each application will be reviewed based on innovation, relevance to ongoing work within the broader metabolism community, and overall potential. See review process for more information regarding the review of applications.
For the “2-3 page research summary written by the applicant for non-specialist reviewers,” are you wanting a summary of an applicant’s past research experience or a summary of the proposed research objectives to be achieved in the upcoming years?
The research summary should be forward-looking. A background could be included but the summary should primarily be about the proposed research and accomplishments.
Should letters of recommendation be emailed directly to you or attached to the fellowship application email?
Letters should be emailed directly to metabolismdirector@morgridge.org by the letter writers.