Category: Bioethics

Morgridge cartoon contest seeks to spark creative thinking on bioethics

Can you find the humor while searching for the ethical high ground? A new cartooning contest sponsored by the Morgridge Institute for Research will reward the most creative bioethical thinkers with up to $3,500 in cash prizes.

Scheufele named to gene editing panel

Dietram Scheufele, professor of life sciences communication at UW-Madison and Morgridge Institute for Research affiliate, will serve on a national panel examining the implications of human genome editing.

Ossorio to help steer National Academies Initiative on human gene editing

Pilar Ossorio, the Morgridge Institute for Research bioethicist in residence, will serve on an international committee convened by the National Academies of Science (NAS) to address the ethically challenging frontiers of human gene editing technology.

Pilar Ossorio: Exploring the ethics of genomic data

The human genome contains our most personal and sensitive information—the complete compendium of our inherited traits. Even the smallest samples of human tissue and accompanying health histories provide vast troves of data to the biomedical community, which in turn has a legal and ethical obligation to safeguard its usage.

Q&A with Pilar Ossorio: Is whole genome sequencing an effective diagnostic tool?

As the cost of whole genome sequencing (WGS) approaches $1,000, the possibility of using it to help diagnose patients becomes economically feasible. But is it the right tool for doctors?