Category: Virology

Ellen Arena: A career that traverses different fields, different countries

Ellen Arena’s young career has already taken her from an undergraduate degree at UW-Parkside in Racine to advanced degrees in British Columbia and Paris. Her research also has traversed from molecular biology to bacterial pathogens to microscopy and computation.

Omid Forouzan: Microfluidics allows for close study of virus-host interactions

Omid Forouzan, as part of the new Morgridge Fellowship program, wants to harness engineering and biomedical fields to develop a microfluidic multi-cell culture model. This microscale research tool will allow for study of cell-cell interactions in the development of HPV-associated cervical cancer.

Targeting HIV with live cell imaging

Using an imaging technique that illuminates viral behavior within live cells, a team of scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research are identifying new targets to derail the disease-spreading machinery of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Anthony Gitter: Taking the statistical road less traveled

Much of biostatistics involves finding and mapping the predictable pathways that can tell us something about what makes a disease tick. But Anthony Gitter finds equal importance in the statistical back roads that other scientists might ignore.

Desirée Benefield: Using microscopy to battle ‘microbial overlords’

From artist to microbiologist, Desirée Benefield has always been a very visual person. Before she was in graduate school studying the structure of bacterial toxins, Benefield was a glass blower.