Category: Virology

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Anthony Gitter, a Morgridge investigator and assistant professor of biostatistics and medical informatics, says the goal will be to create machine learning tools that dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with screening compounds for therapeutic relevance.

CAREER award to explore dynamics of biology

Anthony Gitter remembers the mental spark when listening to a recent talk about the discovery of so-called “precocious cells” — a tiny group of cells that lead an advance charge against infection.

Morgridge virology team leader wins distinguished Hilldale Award

Paul Ahlquist, leader of the Morgridge Institute virology team, is one of four recipients of the Hilldale Award for distinguished contributions to teaching, research and service.

Study redefines role of estrogen in cervical cancer

Scientists know that the hormone estrogen is a major driver in the growth of cervical cancer, but a new study examining genetic profiles of 128 clinical cases reached a surprising conclusion: Estrogen receptors all but vanish in cervical cancer tumors.

A pathway for understanding cancer’s origin

The tools of modern biology have made it possible to obtain an incredibly detailed picture of how cancer cells differ from healthy cells at the molecular level. Somewhat paradoxically, despite these meticulous portraits of cancer, it remains remarkably difficult to answer the very fundamental question: What caused cancer in this patient?