Category: Virology

Targeting HIV with live cell imaging

Using an imaging technique that illuminates viral behavior within live cells, a team of scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research are identifying new targets to derail the disease-spreading machinery of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Anthony Gitter: Taking the statistical road less traveled

Much of biostatistics involves finding and mapping the predictable pathways that can tell us something about what makes a disease tick. But Anthony Gitter finds equal importance in the statistical back roads that other scientists might ignore.

Desirée Benefield: Using microscopy to battle ‘microbial overlords’

From artist to microbiologist, Desirée Benefield has always been a very visual person. Before she was in graduate school studying the structure of bacterial toxins, Benefield was a glass blower.

Rowe family gift supports exploration of ever-evolving viral threats

Infectious diseases have large-scale human impact, and virology research works to tackle current issues while building knowledge to prepare for future threats and to provide more broad spectrum controls. John and Jeanne Rowe have provided long-term support for Ahlquist’s research group, which studies viruses like HIV, human papillomavirus and Chikungunya.

Paul Ahlquist: Working to beat the virology numbers game

This is an important and exciting time to be studying virology, Ahlquist says, thanks to the new perspective provided by genomics and advanced computation. Prior to this time, incremental advances in knowledge often lacked the larger context, how these puzzle pieces all fit together.

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