Research Ethics Consultation Service

The ethicist is in!

The Research Ethics Consultation Service (RECS) is available to all researchers at UW–Madison and affiliated research institutions. The service provides consultants with diverse, relevant expertise to deliberate with and advise researchers during any stage of the research process.

The RECS addresses ethical issues in the planning, performance, analysis or reporting of research. It also addresses research misconduct questions. The service is designed to deliver prompt, practical advice.

How to request a consultation


Pilar Ossorio

Pilar Ossorio

Pilar Ossorio, PH.D, JD

professor of law and bioethics;
ethics scholar-in-residence at the
Morgridge Institute for Research

(608) 316-4650
(608) 263-4387

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use the RECS?

    Any member of a research team, including graduate students, technicians, principal investigators and fellows.

    Research oversight personnel from institutional review boards, animal welfare committees and other entities.

  • Who staffs the RECS?

    Members of the UW–Madison Department of Medical History and Bioethics and the Morgridge Institute for Research Ethics Program, as well as other faculty from philosophy, law, anthropology, and life sciences communications. Additional expertise is called in as needed.

  • Is the RECS confidential?

    Yes, within the limits of the law, researchers’ identities, research data, and ethical questions can be kept confidential.