Zebrafish Wounding and Entrapment Device for Growth and Imaging (zWEDGI)

zWEDGI is a fabricated device designed to allow for zebrafish larvae to be imaged and manipulated on the stage of a microscope. This system allows for high resolution imaging of intact growing zebrafish larvae in response to wounding. The current design was created for research studies involving wound healing and subsequent imaging of the tail region of the fish. However the general design could be modified to accommodate other types of manipulation and other regions of the fish. We make this design available to the community but do ask that the design be credited. Please acknowledge the following in any written reports or papers: Kayla Huemer, Robert Swader, Jayne Squirrell 2016.

Zebrafish. 2017 Feb;14(1):42-50. doi: 10.1089/zeb.2016.1323. Epub 2016 Sep 27.