Abstract and Poster Information

Abstract Guidelines

Deadline for submission: August 15, 2018

  1. All abstracts must be submitted electronically in PDF format.
  2. Please submit your PDF abstract as an email attachment and send it to mmm2018@morgridge.org.
  3. Please indicate whether your abstract is for a “poster” or “talk” for the Metabolism Meeting in the subject line of the email. Abstracts not selected for a talk with automatically be considered for a poster.
  4. Please include your name and telephone number in the body of the email.
  5. Abstract length: 250 words max.
  6. The abstracts will be distributed to registrants. When ready, a PDF file of the final abstracts will also be available on our website.
  7. No revisions will be accepted after August 15, 2018.
  8. Receipt will be acknowledgment by a return email.

Poster Information

  • Boards will be assigned for presenting your posters in the main court of the Discovery Building, please bring your poster with you the 1st day.
  • Poster format is: 46” x 46” display area
  • 5 Flash talk presentations: The 5 selected posters will be invited for a flash-talk presentation (10 mins.)
  • 3 selected abstracts/posters for 3 Morgridge Metabolism Poster Awards