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We believe that fearless science shouldn’t be confined to a research laboratory. Cutting-edge research is more than the search for improvements to human health. It’s also a vehicle to build science literacy, spark curiosity, and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.

It can be challenging for educators to find reliable, relevant and accurate instructional materials in scientific areas that are innovative and dynamic. Our team has developed easy-to-access information guides and resources that allow teachers to introduce rapidly-advancing biomedical topics into their existing science curriculum.

Select a research area to find activities, materials, information guides & worksheets:

Blue Sky Science

Blue Sky Science

Blue Sky Science is a collection of Q&A videos in which scientists answer curiosity-driven questions from the public. The project is a collaboration of the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Wisconsin State Journal.

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Medical Engineering

Biomedical Imaging materials

Biomedical Imaging is a multidisciplinary research group committed to developing imaging, computation, and fabrication technologies for understanding and solving biomedical problems.

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Regenerative biology

Regenerative Biology materials

Regenerative Biology is the Morgridge Institute’s inaugural platform for propelling stem cell use into standard medicine to advance therapeutic procedures and improve human health.

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Virology & immunology

Virology & Immunology materials

Unlike other microbes and higher life forms, viruses are entirely dependent on the molecular machinery of their infected hosts.

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