Teaching Resources

It can be challenging for educators to find reliable, relevant and accurate instructional materials in scientific areas that are innovative and dynamic. Our team has developed easy-to-access information guides and resources that allow teachers to introduce rapidly-advancing biomedical topics into their existing science curriculum.

Medical devices

Medical Devices

Medical devices are tools and products that are used for medical purposes like performing surgeries, diagnosing diseases and administering therapies.

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Regenerative biology

Regenerative Biology

Human pluripotent stem cell research, a key part of regenerative biology, has a wide range of applications in both science and medicine including drug discovery and development of cellular therapies.

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Virology & immunology

Virology & Immunology

Virology, the study of viruses and viral diseases, and immunology, a field of biomedicine that focuses on the immune system and the body’s natural defenses, go hand in hand.

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