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Teaching Resources

It can be challenging for educators to find reliable, relevant and accurate instructional materials in scientific areas that are innovative and dynamic. Our team has developed easy-to-access information guides and resources that allow teachers to introduce rapidly-advancing biomedical topics into their existing science curriculum.


Medical Devices                              

Regenerative Medicine                              

Virology & Immunology                            

Information Guides

Medical Devices Glossary — This resource includes definitions of basic medical devices.

Medical Devices Timeline — This resource shows the advances in medical device technology from the 1880s to the present.

Ultrasonography — This resource details how ultrasonography is used in medicine.

What is a Stethoscope? — This resource explains the history and uses of the stethoscope.

When Things Go Wrong — This series of informational guides details medical devices that help people with specific medical conditions.

Cochlear Implant

Glucose Monitor

Internal Cardio Defibrillator and Pacemaker


Ultrasonography: Discover How It Works — This worksheet explores how ultrasound technology is used to create images of the human body.

Medical Devices Crossword Puzzle — This crossword puzzle uses terms from the Medical Devices Glossary. 

Information Guides

Stem Cell Primer — This short informational guide outlines the basic concepts associated with human pluripotent stem cell research and potential applications of the science.

Stem Cell Glossary — This resource includes basic definitions of terminology often found in stem cell literature. 

The following activities focus on vocabulary presented in the Stem Cell Primer and Glossary.

Stem Cell Cryptogram — Use stem cell vocabulary to uncover a secret stem cell message.

Stem Cell Vocabulary — This activity reinforces vocabulary from the Stem Cell Glossary.

Stem Cell Word Jumble — Unscramble these stem cell terms to reveal a mystery term.

Stem Cell Crossword Puzzle — This crossword puzzle uses terms from the Stem Cell Glossary and Primer.

Information Guides
Immune System Glossary — This resource includes basic definitions of terminology often found in immunology literature. 

What Is a Virus? — This document contains general information about viruses. 

Virus Structure — This resource includes information and images of various virus structures.

Bacteriophage Fact Sheet — This sheet contains information about the T4 bacteriophage, a virus that infects E. coli

HIV Fact Sheet — This information guide explores the details of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus including transmission, prevention, symptoms and treatment.

HIV Timeline — This resource details the progression of HIV from the 1980s to 2010. 

Rhinovirus and the Common Cold Fact Sheet — This handout contains information about the transmission, symptoms, prevention, treatment and current research about rhinovirus.

Coronavirus Fact Sheet — This resource details information about the transmission, symptoms, prevention and treatment of coronavirus. 

Influenza Virus Fact Sheet — This document contains information about the transmission, symptoms, prevention, treatment and vaccines for influenza viruses. 

Influenza Virus H1N1 Fact Sheet — This resource details the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus and how the seasonal flu changes each year. 

Oncogenic Viruses Fact Sheet — This fact sheet contains information regarding how some viruses can give rise to cancer. 

Vaccines 101 — This resource gives information about vaccines and how they are used to prevent viral infection. 

Molecular Medicine — This informational guide contains information about the field of molecular medicine.


The following activities focus on topics and terminology presented in the Virology and Immunology Glossaries.

HIV Matching Activity — This activity helps students understand different structures within HIV.

HIV Webquest — This webquest allows the learner to explore background information on their own using specific websites to answer questions about HIV. 

HIV Webquest Answer Key

Virology Word Search — This word search familiarizes students with virology terminology found in the Virology Glossary.

Virology Crossword Puzzle — This activity reinforces virology terms and concepts using terminology from the Virology Glossary.

Virus Replication — This resource details the basic steps of virus replication. It also includes an activity that allows for review of general concepts.

Virus Replication Answer Key

Immunology Word Search — In this activity, students can familiarize themselves with immunology terminology found in the Immune System Glossary.

Immunology Term Match — Students can build their immunology vocabulary with this activity.

White Blood Cell Matching — This worksheet helps students understand the structures related to white blood cells.

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