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Winner: Blue Sky Bracket Challenge

It’s your turn to pick the winners in the final head-to-head matchup of this March Madness-style bracket. Would you rather explore the mechanics of 3D printing or how viruses relate to cancer? You choose in the Blue Sky Science Bracket Challenge. Come back next week to support your favorite videos in the final championship! A winner will be crowned on April 9.

Fearless Science

In a new report, we meet the scientists driven to understand the mysteries of biology and alleviate human suffering from disease. Take a look inside as we explore science at the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Crossroads of Ideas kicks off spring 2018 series February 13

The popular public lecture series “Crossroads of Ideas” makes its spring semester debut with “Molecular Me” on Tuesday, February 13. Jason Fletcher will explore the social implications of the genomic revolution.

Mastodons, brains, and a view of Mars: How the Wisconsin science festival helps bring kids and science together

Last weekend, excited young people darted about with a delirium I haven’t seen since the Pokémon craze. The University of Wisconsin-Madison was the home base for the Wisconsin Science Festival that included 54 communities, leaving every citizen within an hour’s drive of an event.

Best of the Fest: Wisconsin Science Festival in photos

We’ve collected some of our favorite moments from the 2017 Wisconsin Science Festival, held Nov. 2-5 in Madison and across the state. Vote for your favorite photo and be entered to win some Morgridge prizes!