Category: Outreach

Wisconsin Science Festival celebrates scientific discovery, community

Thousands of visitors young and old will have the chance to indulge their “inner scientist” during the 2014 Wisconsin Science Festival, held this year from Oct. 16-19, with more than 20 communities statewide joining Madison in the party.

Students explore promise and challenge of stem cell therapies

The projects looked right at home in the Discovery Town Center: A row of four colorful scientific posters describing the status of stem cell therapies, complete with microscopic images, graphics, flow charts and detailed reference lists.

Camp offers insights on regenerative biology

Students from rural Wisconsin high schools modeled, sampled, and pipetted their way through lessons on regenerative biology at the Rural Summer Science Camp.

Discovery program taps the real experts in hands-on science

Like any educational endeavor, hands-on science requires lots of trial and error, and good ideas may not always strike a chord with young imaginations. So how do you know when you’re on to something really good?

With heart cells, middle schoolers learn the hard lessons of science

The students are among a group of 12 in a Madison Metropolitan School District program called the Middle School Science Cohort, a program geared for students with a propensity for science and math. The setting is a teaching lab at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, most likely the only place in the country — if not the world — where adolescent learners conduct real science using the kinds of stem cells on the front lines of modern biology.