Area: Outreach

Jerrod Buckner

I will be broadening our audience for science activities we offer. The goal is to build relationships with after school settings and help parent engagement.

Wesley D. Marner

I am the lab manager for the Embedded Teaching Labs in the Discovery Building, and I manage the Discovery Shared Research Equipment Program. My goal is to work with campus researchers and technology partners to bring in state-of-the-art equipment to further Institute and campus goals. I am always seeking input from researchers and technology suppliers […]

Val Blair

The outreach team works hard to develop educational experiences to engage learners of all ages with the fascinating science research topics that are studied within the Morgridge Institute for Research and at UW-Madison. We collaborate with faculty, researchers, and students to translate their discoveries into unique and enriching outreach programs, including; K-12 field trips, summer […]

Laura Heisler

I create and manage programs in support of WARF’s mission; develop, implement and manage programs for the Town Center of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and for community outreach; create partnerships with companies, foundations and other entities to enhance the Town Center.

Jo Withers

As part of the outreach and development team my focus is two-fold. I work with local and national corporations to secure philanthropic support for the many enriching outreach programs within the Morgridge Institute for Research. Additionally, I collaborate with the outreach team and student interns to actively deliver these unique experiences to our visiting youth […]