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We study biology across the lifespan to improve human health in partnership with UW-Madison. Our focus areas represent some of the university's core research strengths with high potential for future growth.

Our Focus Areas

Ask a Scientist

Morgridge rethinks CT scanning technology to sharpen clinical images

The outdated hardware underlying computed tomography (CT) scanners has created a bottleneck for improving its imaging potential. An innovative project out of the Medical Engineering group at the Morgridge Institute for Research seeks to bypass this obstacle with a design for a multi-source x-ray tube.

Building a better mouse (model) for studying human disease

In recent decades, a few genetic strains of mice have proven invaluable to medical researchers in serving as “surrogates” capable of supporting the growth of human cells. These “xenografted mouse models” can give scientists a relevant window into human biology that may point to new therapies and understanding of disease. Morgridge scientists have created a better model for this type of research.

Student launches nonprofit to support college students with physical illness

For young adults, the transition from high school to college and a more independent lifestyle can be a challenging new experience. Tack on a physical illness and mounting medical bills and the traditional stressors of college life grow exponentially. Shannon Strader, a senior graduating this December from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, founded Bella Soul, a non-profit organization, to support full-time college students struggling with a physical illness.

Morgridge scientists find way to ‘keep the lights on’ for cell self-renewal

One remarkable quality of pluripotent stem cells is they are immortal in the lab, able to divide and grow indefinitely under the right conditions. It turns out this ability also may exist further down the development path, with the workhorse progenitor cells responsible for creating specific tissues. A team from the Morgridge Institute for Research […]

Mackie focuses future on entrepreneurship

Thomas “Rock” Mackie is no stranger to the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship. Though he’s retiring at the end of 2014, Mackie plans to continue imparting lessons learned by helping the University of Wisconsin-Madison grow its entrepreneurial strengths.

SWAMP wins ISE North America Project of the Year award

The Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) was awarded the ISE® North America Project of the Year in the Academic/Public Sector Category. The SWAMP offers a high-performance computing platform that analyzes software for weaknesses with an array of open source and commercial software security testing tools.

Generosity as a Catalyst for Great Things

As CEO of the Morgridge Institute for Research, I am reminded every time I enter our building of the extraordinary vision, commitment and generosity of John and Tashia Morgridge. The entire University of Wisconsin community received another wonderful reminder last week, with the announcement $100 million lead gift that represents a brilliant investment in the […]

Morgridge Institute partners on macular degeneration award

Drs. Brad Schwartz (CEO, Morgridge Institute for Research), Terri Young (Chair, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences), and David Gamm (Director, McPherson Eye Research Institute) are pleased to announce the recipient of the $25,000 grant award for Metabolism Research in Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Morgridge a partner in new NIH ‘Big Data’ initiative

Researchers nationwide may soon have a better toolset to unearth treasures buried under mountains of complex data. The National Institutes of Health is kicking off its new Big Data to Knowledge, or BD2K, initiative with a grant to the University of Wisconsin-Madison worth more than $11 million over five years.

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