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We study biology across the lifespan to improve human health in partnership with UW-Madison. Our focus areas represent some of the university's core research strengths with high potential for future growth.

Our Focus Areas

Introducing Blue Sky Science

Beginning Monday, May 4, the Morgridge Institute has launched a partnership with the Wisconsin State Journal called “Blue Sky Science,” which will feature weekly video Q&As from Discovery Outreach participants on cool science topics.

A quest to understand the neural crest

Katie Vermillion’s research into the mysterious work of the neural crest — a mobile, multitasking marvel of early embryonic development — begins simply enough every Monday morning with a delivery of five-dozen chicken eggs from a local farmer. The humble chicken embryo happens to be without peer in revealing the secrets of the neural crest. This migrating […]

Microbial communities may inform understanding of rapid evolution

Note to readers: Every year, high-throughput computing (HTC) technologies pioneered by computer scientist Miron Livny power the scientific discovery of researchers at UW-Madison and around the globe. The impact of HTC, which started in the 1980s, has been magnified by strategic investments by John and Tashia Morgridge and the Morgridge Institute for Research. This is […]

Morgridge Institute, UW partners select three postdoctoral fellows

Three scientists have been selected for the inaugural Morgridge Institute for Research Postdoctoral Fellows program, designed to prepare promising young scientists for a changing research landscape. Fellows in this program will have research mentors from both Morgridge and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The fellowships are meant to promote cross-disciplinary thinking and public engagement through Morgridge […]

Fujifilm Holdings to Acquire Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation and Cellular Dynamics International, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of fully functioning human cells in industrial quantities to precise specifications, today announced that the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement whereby Fujifilm will acquire CDI via an all-cash tender offer to be followed by a second step merger.

Morgridge partners with L&S to celebrate research discoveries

In the Sunday, March 22 editions, the Wisconsin State Journal published a unique 34-page insert called “Fueling Discovery,” which highlights groundbreaking research in the UW-Madison College of Letters and Science. The research stories are written from the vantage point of the scientists and cover a wide range of topics. In recognition of our extensive work […]

Science engagement experts partner with Morgridge Institute

Life Sciences Communication and the Morgridge Institute for Research are taking a deeper look at what works — and why — in engaging the public on science. Morgridge provides a unique proving ground for the topic: In partnership with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, science outreach programs bring more than 30,000 participants to the Discovery building each year.

Gift helping uncover the mysteries of regeneration

From a philanthropic standpoint, extraordinary patience is required of individuals who believe strongly enough in the possible outcomes to provide ongoing support. Mildred “Babe” and Marv Conney are among those whose faith in the potential miracles of science has remained unshaken for nearly 30 years.

Year One: SWAMP a catalyst for improving cyber-security

After its first full year in operation, the SWAMP is working to make software security problems yesterday’s news. The marketplace is meant to give software code developers a simple, one-stop resource to examine code with a multitude of both open-source and commercial assessment tools.

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