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We study biology across the lifespan to improve human health in partnership with UW-Madison. Our focus areas represent some of the university's core research strengths with high potential for future growth.

Our Focus Areas

Regeneration pioneer to join Morgridge Institute, UW-Madison faculty

Phil Newmark, a developmental biologist studying the mysteries of how the body regenerates damaged tissue, will join the Morgridge Institute for Research and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Zoology in fall 2016.Newmark, currently a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studies a freshwater flatworm called a planarian, a remarkable creature capable of […]

Can cybersecurity crack the undergraduate curriculum?

In a time when million-dollar security breaches of household name corporations regularly make headlines and complicate lives, computer science undergraduates at America’s universities remain surprisingly underexposed to basic cybersecurity tactics.

#100miles4research: Kopietz celebrates 19 years cancer-free

Kopietz, a communications specialist at the Morgridge Institute for Research, has long ditched her crutches. And on April 15, she’s traveling to Portugal with her dad, Jeff, to celebrate her 19th year in remission. Together, they’ll walk 100-plus miles on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and they hope to raise $10,000 to support biomedical research at the Morgridge Institute.

CAREER award to explore dynamics of biology

Anthony Gitter remembers the mental spark when listening to a recent talk about the discovery of so-called “precocious cells” — a tiny group of cells that lead an advance charge against infection.“What really struck me was this small number of cells seem to randomly jump out and race through this response to an infection,” says Gitter, […]

5 Year Impact Report

UW-Madison, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and the State of Wisconsin opened an electrifying new building in 2010 that offered the promise of doing science differently. Commemorating the first five years in the Discovery building, our 5 Year Impact Report showcases how the Morgridge Institute for Research, made possible by a transformational gift from alumni […]

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